Deep Branch brand refresh story

Our brand refresh story

At Deep Branch, we pride ourselves in developing high-performing ingredients as we work towards a more sustainable food system. As such, we wanted to introduce our brand refresh launched in October 2022 and tell the story behind it.

We have always thought boldly about transforming the global food system: we strongly believe demand for food can be met sustainably, without consumers compromising on nutrition or quality. Based on gas fermentation technology, we utilise clean and renewable carbon and energy sources to create high-quality ingredients.

With exciting developments around the corner that will bring our single-cell protein Protonᵀᴹ a step closer to market, we decided it was the right opportunity to evolve our brand into one that better reflects Deep Branch’s growth journey and sharpens our positioning in a global market. 

The heart of the Deep Branch brand
Humans have been controlling the fermentation process to generate valuable products for thousands of years, and we want our brand to be part of communicating our story and highlighting the natural origin and—at its heart—simplicity of the process. 

Rather than a full rebrand with wholesale changes, we based this refresh on the existing brand—built on the company’s core principles and set up for growth.

Our brand refresh is a true celebration of our technology. Creating a series of visual elements inspired by our process, we ensure that microbes and our input gases (hydrogen, oxygen, and CO) are now an integral part of our visual brand and will be used to create a more unified identity both online and in real-world application.

In short, our brand refresh enables us: 

–  To have a visual representation of the elements involved in the gas fermentation process.
– To highlight the simplicity and transparency behind our technology.
– To have a brand that reflects our journey and sets us up for continued growth as we commercialise and scale Protonᵀᴹ.

Watch this space for exciting milestones to come!