Our single-cell protein developed for the animal feed industry

Proton: a purer protein

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Bringing Proton to market will tackle the climate emergency and reduce the food industry’s impact on biodiversity loss, two of the most significant challenges the world currently faces. Approximately 25% of the total emissions of an average person are linked to diet, with the majority of these associated with animal products.


Scalable inputs

Our full-scale commercial plants will produce over 100,000 tons of protein-rich Proton every year. With clean and plentiful carbon dioxide and hydrogen sources, we can guarantee a safe and stable supply of the purer protein.

Circular Economy

Local Production

Proton is produced from locally sourced ingredients, reducing its carbon intensity by over 60% compared to conventional proteins. It also has no arable land requirements, allowing more food to be grown without compromising alternative land use.

How Proton™ Changes the Game



The sustainability of animal farming and the reduction of emissions are two of the biggest problems of our time. Of the total emissions associated with the average person, about one quarter comes from diet and the majority of those emissions are associated with animal products.


Alternative Protein

While the best way to reduce dietary carbon intensity is to reduce meat consumption, we’re pragmatic in recognising that these shifts don't happen overnight. At Deep Branch, we’re tackling this problem through the development of Proton™, our single-cell protein.


Local Production

Rather than relying on the conventional protein sources, fishmeal and soy, which are often shipped from the Americas, Proton™-based feeds can be produced from locally sourced ingredients with 90% less carbon intensity. Proton™ is not just dramatically more sustainable, it’s also cost-competitive.

The benefits of Proton

  • Comparable nutritional profile to fishmeal, the gold standard in the aquaculture industry.

  • Proton’s nutritional profile can be tailored using our (R)evolve platform to meet animal feed producers’ demand for precision nutrition.

  • Proton provides security, transparency and traceability to feed producers, enabling them to build sustainable feeds around locally-produced, GM-free protein.
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