Deep Branch included in PwC Net Zero Future50

As climate change challenges grow ever more urgent, climate tech innovations are helping reduce emissions and accelerate decarbonisation. PwC has analysed the UK’s rapidly growing climate tech sector and identified 50 innovative start-ups with the potential to make a significant difference in the battle against climate change.

With policy-backed pledges from COP26 still leaving us confronting up to 2.4 degrees of warming, climate tech is emerging as a critical tool to accelerate decarbonisation worldwide. The UK government has made binding and internationally leading commitments to decarbonise the economy by 78% against 1990 baseline levels, by 2035, and breakthrough technologies are now emerging at speed and scale across sectors that are critical to meeting emissions reductions targets.

“It’s great to see the PwC UK team raising the profile of Net Zero and climate tech solutions, and the many startups like Deep Branch that are behind many of those innovative solutions,” says Pete Rowe, Deep Branch CEO. “We’re excited to be included and have big plans for scaling our CO2-to-X platform—offering the first scalable route to a truly sustainable protein generation process from a waste product.”

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