Polly Douglas joins KTN Advisory

We’re pleased to share that our very own Polly Douglas will be joining the KTN Animal Sector Advisory Board, covering livestock and aquaculture.

The team of KTN AgriFood experts has worked in both research and industry before joining and it’s essential they keep in touch with the sector regularly. Each group is made up of between 30 to 60 invited members, from research, industry, government and start-ups, across the UK. The groups meet three times a year to discuss themes around innovation. The meetings help KTN shape the events they organise and reports they write for the sector.

The Sector Advisory Boards also provide specialist knowledge and experience to help set future priorities and direct activities of the UK Government. They provide a coherent industry voice to inform KTN, Innovate UK, and others of the major technology and innovation needs and opportunities in their sector.

Polly has a deep background in aquaculture and plays a key role in driving collaboration at Deep Branch, so we can’t think of a better fit.

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