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COP26: Collaborative Innovation [VIDEO]

COP26 is now off to a start in Glasgow. For the next two weeks, world leaders meet to discuss a warming world and aim to bring parties together to accelerate action.

With its theme Together for Our Planet in mind, we’ve put together a series highlighting REACT-FIRST: an end-to-end value-chain-wide consortium of industry and academic partners and the UK’s scalable route to transforming CO2 into animal feed.

With REACT-FIRST we’ve come together to turn dire warnings into substantive solutions and transform the UK’s food production system. In the next weeks, we’ll be highlighting current developments and future opportunities in the areas of Collaborative Innovation, CCUS, Alternative Protein, Carbon Footprint, Traceability, Sustainable Animal Feed, and Responsible Innovation.

To lead us off on the topic of Collaborative Innovation, we spoke to experts Katrina Hayter, Industrial Strategy Challenge Director – Transforming Food Production at UK Research and Innovation’s Innovate UK, and Heather Jones, CEO at Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre.

Polly Douglas

REACT-FIRST: Turning Carbon Dioxide into Sustainable Ingredients [video]

Take a closer look at our REACT-FIRST initiative, the UK’s first-ever scalable route to the sustainable generation of protein capturing the carbon dioxide from bio-energy generation. With funding from Innovate UK and Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre, the project was launched with an end-to-end, value-chain-wide consortium of ten industry and academic partners, all sharing a commitment to tackling the global climate crisis and the goal of achieving neutral/negative carbon emissions.